American Manufacturers Information Technology Association (AMITA)

AMITA Responds to National Needs

The American Manufacturers Information Technology Association (AMITA) was created in 1997 as part of the existing NIST contract with WestCAMP, specifically to meet some system needs related to facilitating the acquisition of IT-related products and services by MEP centers and their Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) clients nationwide. AMITA believes that if SMEs are to continue to successfully compete in the rapidly expanding global economy, they must implement the latest information technology and practices. To assist MEP centers and their clients to do so, AMITA has established national reseller agreements with leading IT vendors. AMITA has been establishing reseller agreements with leading IT vendors companies, who have since been providing IT solutions to MEP Centers and their clients since 1997.

Role in Licensing Technology

To increase the quantity and rate that new technology is transferred from research settings into marketable products, a better mechanism is needed to conduct the assessment and qualification of potential technology licensees. This could involve establishing and maintaining databases of both available technologies and of potential licensees. AMITA would be an appropriate resource to conduct these assessments and manage the qualification of potential technology licensees, thereby acting as a broker for technology transfer between qualified technologies and licensees.

Critical to SME Expansion

There are a number of other roles that AMITA can play in the expansion of SME clients. WestCAMP is exploring how AMITA's capabilities and reputation for excellent can be utilized by SMEs to increase their productivity and profit margins.

Request to Participate

To learn how AMITA could better serve your particular needs, please contact WestCAMP.

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