About the GAMBIT Center

Creation of the Garn Advanced Manufacturing Business, Information & Technology (GAMBIT) Center has recently been announced by the National Centers of Excellence (NCOE), founded by WestCAMP. Go to the news release at the NCOE website for more information about the GAMBIT Center and its goals and objectives.

WestCAMP and the NCOE are proud to be involved in the founding and organization of the GAMBIT Center as a critical asset in our nation's continuing leadership and development of products and services based on the world's most innovative and beneficial technologies. It is with considerable gratitude that WestCAMP and the NCOE extend their appreciation to retired U.S. Senator Jake Garn for his willingness to serve as the initial board chair of the Center that bears his name.

Learn more about history, need and vital roles for the GAMBIT Center project.

GAMBIT Center Project / Request to Participate

If you have specific questions about the GAMBIT Center Project, or would like to participate directly in one or more of the Center's project activities, please contact WestCAMP.

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