Technology Innovation, Patents and IP Study

Where do inventions come from?

New technological innovations actually come from many places. A study is underway by the National Centers of Excellence to determine the origins of intellectual property and technical innovations that actually end up in commercially viable products.

Utah Patents: National Standard?

A recent study of Utah patents found that industry produces about 20 times more patented innovations than structured higher education R&D, and that of the patents produced, industry transfers the technology into successful products about 4 times more often than higher education. Thus, for every 1 patented technology that comes from higher education R&D and is eventually commercialized successfully, industry appears to generate about 75 that become commercially viable.

Impact on Federal Support

Knowing more information about exactly where technology comes from that ends up in the products and services we use each day should provide federal officials with a better idea of where to place federal R&D support. Based on Utah data, there is already strong evidence to suggest that private industry, particularly smaller and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) should have an incentive for them to do more technology innovation and transfer, just like large corporations and higher education who currently receive most of the federal government's annual $133 billion R&D budget.

FAST: A funding strategy for SMEs

Go to the project initiative entitled "Federal Acceleration of State Technologies" to learn more about the need and strategy for helping fund SME innovation development and transfer.

Request to Participate

If you have questions about the proposed Technology Innovation, Patents and IP Study, or would like to participate directly in one or more of the WestCAMP project activities, please contact WestCAMP. You can also learn more about this particular WestCAMP project study by going to

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