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WestCAMP board members and its professional associates are a tremendous resource for insightful and innovative information on a wide range of technical and policy-related topics regarding manufacturing, principles of Lean implementation, economic development, technology transfer, rapid product realization, and both general and specific organizational improvement including leadership issues. From time to time WestCAMP publishes a white paper on a selected topic where general access to important information and a unique solution is felt to be of value. These white papers are generally made available without charge through this website.

Research Topics

WestCAMP is continuously working on a number of topics, initiatives and topics of interest to both regional and national audiences concerned about manufacturing and economic development. If you would like to propose a topic or issue for WestCAMP to consider including in its White Paper series, please contact WestCAMP with your suggestion and recommendation.

White Papers Available

"A Strategic Initiative for New High-Tech Enterprise Development in Utah"

A new enterprise and job growth model for Utah that emphasizes support of high-tech entrepreneurs, particularly in the initial stages of venture development. (November 22, 2004) Available for download in either MS Word or .pdf formats.

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